Welcome to Our Website

Located in the Eastern Hills of Perth, CPD Tree Services has been operating for over 20 years.

Our focus as a business is to provide you with information and alternatives to better manage your particular tree issues whilst considering the ecosystem in your urban forest environment. With our assistance, you will find a suitable resolution that is long lasting and cost effective.

We understand that the people who choose to live in this tranquil area do so because of the ambience provided by the bush atmosphere. This is foremost in our minds when we are evaluating the health and safety of your trees.

A qualified arborist will provide you with suitable solutions for your tree requirements and trained staff will respect the sanctity of your garden. As we are competent rope and harness climbers, we can access more trees in more scenarios.

Our aim is to provide you with a professional, safe and efficient service. We are fully insured, accredited members of The Tree Guild Of W.A. giving you peace of mind.

Environmental Policy Statement

At CPD Trees, we aim to achieve a high standard of environmental care when conducting our operations to minimise carbon emissions and environmental impact. We have strategies in place to reduce waste, such as mulching and milling; the effort that we put into our recycling strategies to minimise any waste of valuable tree material demonstrates our dedication to sustainability.

We are committed to an ongoing training regime which is why our personnel always offer a high standard of workmanship and safety, with a strong focus on the environment.